Acceptable Ads, What Are They?

How often have you stumbled upon a website and left immediately due to ads blocking the content? Well, those are the nuisance of ads. Acceptable Ads are not intrusive, and you might not even notice them unless you look closely. As a website owner, it is essential to place ads well to prevent any issues […] READ MORE

Benefits of programmatic advertising: 7 reasons why you need it!

What is programmatic advertising? In short, programmatic advertising is buying and selling online ad space through AI and real-time bidding. It allows business owners and digital marketers to run ads on online platforms that offer high visibility and CTR.  The primary reason why programmatic advertising is important is that you can choose a target audience […] READ MORE

A step up the Adtech ladder: Unblockia and Magnum Capital

We are very thrilled to announce that Magnum Capital has acquired Adpone and Unblockia. Both teams will work on making our combined vision a reality, to become the leader in the Adtech sector at an international level. This is an exciting time and one we have been working on for the past years. Making this […] READ MORE

Differences between Display ads and Native ads

Advertisement is essential for dominating the market. The preferable ways to advertise are traditional and digital. In the age of Netflix and pop tarts, which is highly driven by tech, digital advertising is what dominates. And for digital, things depend heavily on display and native ads. But what if the stakes are high? You can […] READ MORE

Gen Z and advertising: It’s not that complicated!

The Gen Z generation has become a highly attractive target for publishers around the globe as they form a large part of the world population and will eventually become the generation with the most disposable income. But still, catching the attention of this group of people might represent a bit of a challenge for some […] READ MORE

Ad Revenue Optimization for Publishers With Acceptable Ads

For online publishers, online ads are one of the most effective revenue generators. Yet, the increment in the use of AdBlock extensions has put a massive block on this source of income. In 2016 the lost ad revenue estimation which was $15.8B, came up to approximately $78B in 2020 and it is expected to continue […] READ MORE

Adpone & Unblockia: A smart connection

It all started with a few first lines, back in 2015, when the history – and the code – of Adpone, an Advertising technology company, began to be written. The startup, founded by two entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the Ad Tech sector, was created with one clear goal in mind: to offer publishers and […] READ MORE

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