What is an Adblocker

Adblock is a free browser extension for content-filtering and ad blocking. It can be downloaded in seconds in any device.

Adblockers extension distribution

Adblock Plus and Adblock have the highest penetration compared to the rest of ad blockers worldwide.

Adblock traffic across different devices

World Map

Source: Digital Information World

Work with Acceptable Ads

The Acceptable Ads standard was developed by the Adblock Community and it specifies placement, distinction and size criteria that ads should follow. We display static creatives, non intrusive ads, that do not disrupt in the natural reading flow.
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Profiling ad blocker users

  • These users are young, highly educated, and in high-income employment.

  • They customize their online experiences and are comfortable completing the entire customer life cycle online.

  • They are the audience advertisers seek for. They buy more online than non ad blocking users.

Why do they enable the Adblock extensions?


To remove intrusive and irrelevant ads

Users use ad blockers mostly to avoid video ads. Also, they do not want to be bothered by ads that occupy too much screen space and can contain viruses.


To protect their privacy online

Adblock extensions protect the data of the users from third parties companies that gather and track information via cookies.


To improve the speed page

Without an Adblock extention, the speedpage is usually heavier. Our solution will keep your latency good enough for a friendly user experience.

Some insights

90% of Adblock users do not hate ads, in fact, 83% are happy to see ads as long as they are relevant and non intrusive.
74% of users say that they will leave a site rather than disable their ad blocker.
Estimates suggest 11% of the global internet population are blocking ads.

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