Gen Z and advertising: It’s not that complicated!

The Gen Z generation has become a highly attractive target for publishers around the globe as they form a large part of the world population and will eventually become the generation with the most disposable income. But still, catching the attention of this group of people might represent a bit of a challenge for some publishers as this younger generation consumes content differently. As a result, traditional tactics to develop a connection with them won’t work. 

The good news is: You do not have to be from Gen Z to understand how to reach and connect to this audience. Below we´ve broken down some key points to help you use the right approach.

But first, let´s get to know more about this younger generation.

Who is Gen Z?

Born between 1996 and 2010, they are creative, bold, tech-savvy, and socially minded. These digital natives want to feel an authentic connection with businesses they like and follow. In fact, one of the main characteristics of this generation is their concern about the world and their desire to make it a better place. That’s why they are more likely to connect with content that keeps it real, establishes clear values, and is inclusive.

Now let’s dive into some key points that will help you reach them:

  • #1 Keep your content relevant: They are used to spending lots of hours in front of a screen, therefore they will ignore any irrelevant ad or message that doesn’t resonate with them. What content resonates with Gen Z? They crave content that is honest, conscious, original, entertaining, community-focused, and relevant to their everyday lives.
  • #2 Review your content values: As we mentioned earlier, this generation has high expectations when it comes to businesses taking stances on social issues. This is a chance for publishers to review their own brand stories and how their values show up: Is their content accessible for everyone? How can their brand better align with the values they uphold? Some of the values Gen Z looks for are sustainability, diversity, inclusivity, eco-friendliness, transparency, accountability, and work-life balance. 
  • #3 Put social media at the center of your content: Social Media is an essential part of their lives. They use it to get entertainment, find inspiration, and make their voices heard. Members of Gen Z are fans of TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Take for example “ The Washington Post”. It has invested in storytelling to deliver news in a unique way and reach the future generation. As a result, it has organically grown to over 1,4 million TikTok fans and 6,1 million Instagram followers.
  • #4 Bet on short videos: 40% of Gen Z users prefer Reels, Stories, or TikTok videos when seeing ads on social media. Keep in mind that Gen Z has a short attention span, so using short videos is the best way to grab their interests.
  • #5 Use native formats: 35% of Gen Z say they dislike most advertising, but they are OK with native ads and sponsored content, and 34% say they make frequent purchases based on advertising content that engage them.
  • #6 Tell your stories on audio: News publishers like CNN, have embraced audio as a new way to reach their audience on the go. Some have created podcasts centered on subjects relevant to Gen Z listeners, such as climate change, social justice, and fact-based reporting.
  • #7 Make them laugh: Publishers shouldn’t take themselves too seriously when it comes to attracting this generation. Bear in mind that the whole point of Gen Z culture is that comedy comes easily; trying too hard is embarrassing. Find an authentic comical voice and communication style that is engaging.

Gen-Z is a generation that keeps up with the latest technology and trends. Adapting your business to build a valuable relationship with them means taking the time to learn and understand their preferences. But once the approach is done correctly Gen Zers will reward your business for the invested time and money.  

Ready to take your Gen Z marketing strategy to the next level? Did you know that 65% of this generation use an adblocker and consequently, it reduces your website revenue? Use our free AdBlock traffic calculator to find out how much money you are leaving on the table.

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