A step up the Adtech ladder: Unblockia and Magnum Capital

We are very thrilled to announce that Magnum Capital has acquired Adpone and Unblockia. Both teams will work on making our combined vision a reality, to become the leader in the Adtech sector at an international level.

This is an exciting time and one we have been working on for the past years. Making this a reality, together with Sunmedia, we now form a group with operations in more than 60 countries, and offer the latest technological solutions for publishers and advertisers, with sales of more than 85 million.

We continue our commitment to offering high-quality solutions and top-of-the-line results, while we keep innovating new ways of delivering ads in the most beneficial manner for our clients. 2023 awaits great growth, with new offices in different countries, the release of new solutions, and an unprecedented expansion toward the international market.

It’s an exciting time to reinvent and implement the future of programmatic advertising. We’ve made it our key objective through our journey, to shine a light on what our publishers should be benefiting from, while never forgetting our integrity and professionalism in the process.

We want to deeply thank our entire team that has accompanied us since the very beginning, and our clients and partners for their trust and loyalty over the past years.

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